Saturday, April 17, 2010

Your Last Vacation Experience...?

A very good friend of mine took me out to lunch the other day and helped me with my blogging on vacation experiences. I never intended to blog in the form of my personal travel diary so I wanted to keep the conversation going. She suggested that everyday I ask a certain number of people a couple of questions. Questions such as:

When was your last vacation?

Where did you go on vacation?, etc.

My friend thought that I would not run out of content for a long time and I secretly suspect she was right. When our waitress returned to the table, she asked her "When was your last vacation?" The waitress laughed and said it had been too long ago. Without the need to ask any further questions, she volunteered that her last vacation had been on her honeymoon and that she had gone to Orlando. She said they had a great time (as we would all imagine...she was on her honeymoon!). However, she also told us that they had gone to Universal as well and that they really enjoyed the theme park.

My friend and I volunteered that we both worked in the vacation industry but she didn't seem to be in need of an explanation for our question. As I'm not a journalist and usually don't just start talking to strangers, I think this is a great way to start a conversation with someone you are not that familiar with and perhaps do a little good for them by reminding them of how much fun the break in the routine can be.

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