Saturday, June 26, 2010

Curiosity - Informal Learning???

Well this blog has to do with recent events at our corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida. For anyone who doesn't know, Bluegreen's offices in Boca are part of the former IBM campus off Yamato Road. The property is now managed through Blackstone/BREA and is called the Boca Corporate Center.

The campus is absolutely stunning and we are fortunate to have many beautiful trees, fountains, a lake and lots of wildlife including foxes, armadillos, opossums, alligators, ducks, squirrels, ibises, etc! So while this is great fun, and I normally would not think to post about it, this week we have been visited by a Banana Spider, aka, a Golden Silk Spider. In one of the many trees (but near an entry way) this spider has made her web. She quite large and the picture is a good representation of her appearance.

Because the appearance of this spider has attracted so much attention, our co-workers started researching her. That is how I learned she was a Banana Spider and that she was female because of her size and that she isn't very aggressive, etc. Now, given that we are all working very hard all the time, curiosity got the better of some folks and they took the time to do some learning about their environment and become knowledgeable about this spider. This type of curiosity is absolutely necessary in today's workplace! These types of informal learning events, especially when related to company or industry happenings, have the potential to create the kind of advantage that business folks are looking for through innovation.

I'm not sure that everyone will agree with me, but I get very excited when I witness collective learning that happens so spontaneously!

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