Monday, July 16, 2012


In evaluating, my MBTI profile with the model of relationships pictured in evaluating personality type and conflict mode by Percival, Smitheram & Kelly (1992), as an ENFJ, collaboration would be my preferred style with more assertiveness and more cooperativeness. The gender demographic leaves me flat without much insight either way towards competing or compromising (competing = males and compromising = females). If I'm not on some sort of gender spectrum, then I must be on some sort of assertiveness continuum. In the West (and in academia), I think competition is still very much the major venue for conflict resolution in certain contexts and I'm sure I'm as capable as the next competitor.

The interesting thing about types is they inform how we see ourselves and allow us the use of a lens through which others might see us. I think how our behavior plays out with conflict resolution has as much to do with "how much skin we have in the game" as with our MBTI preferences. For instance, I'm more assertive in an academic environment where I am comfortable then on an athletic field where I have little expertise or confidence.