Monday, October 24, 2016

All in the Name of...

My reflection on the name of things, including myself.  My name is Brother Stephen Bernard. I am very pleased to meet you if you are a new reader.  Brother is the title I use in place of Mister because I am a monk in The Community of All Angels, Benedictines in Exile.

Christ, The Divine Physician
Stephen is my baptismal name from my baptism by Father Doody at Saint Mary Immaculate Conception Church, Michigan City, Indiana, Diocese of Gary, on Pentecost Sunday, 1966, after Saint Stephen the Protomartyr. Stephen is also the name of the King of Poland who turned back the Muslim invasion of Europe. Historically, if not for Saint Stephen, Europe may have gone the way of North Africa and Asia Minor and we'd all be speaking Arabic today. Such are the powers of names in history!

Bernard is my confirmation name taken at my confirmation at Saint Patrick Church, Terre Haute, Indiana, Archdiocese of Indianapolis, and the name I was given when I first entered religious life with the Brigettines at 16 in Woodside, California.

Due to my disability, I now live with with mother and sister at All Angels Priory (our condo) in Kings Point in Tamarac, Florida.  As to Tamarac and Florida, I'll have to do some more research.  As to Kings Point, it is quite royal residence oriented.  We live in Fairfax but have a view of Southampton and Clairmont across the water from which I can see Queen Eleanor of Acquitane easily in my imagination approaching around the bend in her barge to the tune of "Eleanorae Regina, Adorae, Regina..." from Lion in Winter with Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn.  Given the distance in the days from our independence from the crown, I doubt there are any loyalists here.  If there are, they are likely quiet about their treason.

We live in Building I.  "I" for Israel, "I" for Incarnation, "I" for Immaculata, "I" for the Holy Innocents, etc.

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